Weekend Reads

Ross Douthat, “Among The Believers”

Steve Chalke, “Have We Misread The Bible?”

Emily Asher-Perry, “You All Forgot That Luke Skywalker is a BAMF”

“5 Ways To Deter A Pedophile”

Paul Wehner, “Christians Should Speak Out Against The Rising Persecution of Gays Overseas”

Randall Rauser, “Is Atheism A Default Position?”

Alastair Roberts, “Chris Seitz on the Biblical Crisis in the Homosexuality Debates”

Stanley Hauerwas, “The End of Charity: How Christians are (not) to ‘Remember the Poor'”


Weekend Reads

Michael Ruse, “Is It Wrong To Teach Children About God?”

Scott Bixby, “My $295 Skype Exorcism”

Kevin Davis, “Al Mohler is more humble than evolutionists”

Chaplain Mike, “John Walton’s Excellent Take On The Debate”

Matthew Lee Anderson, “On the Number of Zygote Deaths and the Meaning of Pro-Life”

Lee M., “Science, Faith and Cognitive Dissonance”

Andrea Palpant Dilley, “The Surprising Discovery About Those Colonialist, Proselytizing Missionaries”

Tyler Francke, “Why Ken Ham’s scientific defense of young-earth creationism just doesn’t make any sense”