“Everyone wants a revolution. No one wants to do the dishes.”

Via Rod Dreher, Tish Harrison Warren very eloquently articulates the frustration and challenge faced by those of us who resonate with the radical Christian witness of Shane Claiborne, etc., but find ourselves bogged down by ordinary family life of dishes and diapers:

This Radical Christian movement is responsible for a lot of good, and I’m grateful that I’ve been irrevocably shaped by it for some fifteen years. When we fearfully cling to the status quo and the comfortable, we must be challenged by the call of a life-altering, comfort-afflicting Jesus. But for those of us — and there are a lot of us — who are drawn to an edgy, sizzling spirituality, we need to embrace radical ordinariness and to be grounded in the challenge of the stable mundaneness of the well-lived Christian life.

This is taken somewhat out of context, but I often come back to Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:26 when thinking about the mundaneness of ordinary Christian living: “for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.” No one will write a book about how I did those dishes or changed that diaper and it will inspire no one to follow Jesus in super radical ways (though it might make my wife happy). But God sees and God remembers. We can faithfully live our ordinary, but challenging Christian lives trusting that.