Hey. I’m Arni.

I now live in Leirvík, Faroe Islands, my country of birth, with my wife and two kids.

I studied for a BA in theology at the University of Aberdeen, and an MA in religions and theology at the University of Manchester.

I work as the director of an after-school youth club.

I love God, science and heavy metal. This blog tends to be about those things.

I also like reading sci-fi and fantasy, playing my guitar, preparing and consuming good food and growing my beard.

I used to blog over at my own domain, but I got tired of paying for a domain when I didn’t really need one. I’m winding down that blog, reposting some of the better material before I close it entirely.

You might want to like I Think I Believe on Facebook. I also tweet, but not much. And you can be my friend on GoodReads too.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. TVR says:

    Hey Arni, where are you now-a-days? Are you OK? Hope you are and that your community is benefiting from your input! I’m keeping on keeping on! Sometimes it’s a bit wearing, but what else can you do?

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