Help The Poor With Extol

Extol, whose self-titled album released a couple of months ago is still in constant rotation on my iPod, have just released a lyric video and t-shirt for their song “Betrayal”. The song, which vividly describes how the overlooked and abused are failed, is a call for social justice. All the proceeds for the t-shirt, Extol fittingly announce, go to New Life Mission Aid and their ministry to Kenyan street children.

A worthy cause and a great song.

The design, by the way, features a devil herding some goats and is undoubtedly a reference to the seperation of the sheep from the goats in Matthew 25. The sheep go to Heaven, the goats to Hell. The crime of the goats? “Betraying the least of their brothers,” in Extol’s words.

Get the t-shirt here.

Update: Extol also posted this video with Peter Espevoll, their vocalist, talking about both the song itself and New Life Mission Aid.


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